Boating Upholstery

Give Your Boat Some Much-Needed TLC

Revitalize the interior with help from Outlaw Tarp Repair

Although you still think that your boat is a great beauty, others might not see it that way. With the stained carpet, ripped seat covers and scuffed walls, the interior has seen better days.

Revive your boat by calling on Justin from Outlaw Tarp Repair. He'll transform the interior by covering the surfaces with custom upholstery.

Contact him today to schedule a no-obligation consultation.

Breathe new life into your well-worn boat

Breathe new life into your well-worn boat

Are you thinking of reupholstering your boat by yourself? The job requires specialized skills and proper equipment. If you want your boat to look as gorgeous as possible, turn to Outlaw Tarp Repair.

Justin has been upholstering boats for years, so you can trust him to do the job right. You can count on Justin to:

  • Help you decide which fabrics to use
  • Strip off the old material
  • Reinforce the framing
  • Replace the springs
  • Put in new foam padding

Call 701-202-6385 now to speak with Justin about your improvement project.